Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cyber Monday Deals!!!

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WARNING!!!!!!! AWSOME DEAL ONLY 24th and 25th
Any purchase between 24th and the 25th will receive a discount of at least 5% up to 30% off deppending on what you buy and how much or many products you buy. Perfumes the discount will continue the same BUT if you are buying only one you are able to receive a discount.

Cyber Monday Deals has arrived to Lion75 Discount Store!!!!

Perfumes: Buy one regular price and get the second one with a discount.
Discount will be at least $5 off or up to 35% off on the second one email us or place your order and wait to receive your discount. You can mix and match between your perfumes you dont have to get the same one. If you can not find the perfume that you are looking for email us at

Future promotions will be posted in here. Or if you plan to purchase 2 other products in the store please email us to ask for a discount and we will be glad to treat you as VIP customer and give you one.

Visit us at:

and our blujay store which is

Will I still get Free Shipping?


If I buy 2 perfumes which one will be the discounted one?

The perfume with the highest amount will be the regular price, discounted of at least $5 off or up to 35% off will be deducted on the lowest price of the perfume.

Do I have to be registered in order to qualify for the discount?
No, anyone can get the discount. If you would like to rate us and leave a feedback we suggest you to open a blujay account it is free anyway.

Can I email you to ask the discount on certain perfumes that I like?

Sure, once you email us it might take up to 24hrs max to respond your email.

How can I get my estimated discount on the perfumes or something else?

You can go to our home page, click on a product and then click "Contact Seller" or if you would like to email us:

Any old promotions are not valid anymore. This promotion ends on Cyber Monday.

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